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Ankarsrum Original Mixer

THE MIXER OF CHOICE in many European kitchens for more than 70 years now available at fine Retailers in Canada. Simply the most desired mixer of many cooks worldwide. With a Stand Mixer of this quality you can count on endless food preparation without worries of "can it handle this". Likely if it fits in the bowl, you can sit back and relax while it does its work . You will be able to create beautiful healthful meals for your family and know exactly what is in every tasty bite.

The Ankarsrum Original comes standard with:
- 4 Accessories: Roller, Hook, Whips and Beaters
- 7 L and 3.5 L Bowls
- Lid and Spatula

 Here are a few other highlights for the Ankarsrum Original....

  • Handmade and tested in Ankarsrum, Swedish
  • Unique design with a quiet running motor at bottom provides not only stability but unsurpassable torque
  • Wide selection of accessories, the mixer is only the first step to a complete kitchen appliance that will mix, grind, flake, whip, slice or create pasta.
  • Strength, size, style and stainless steel bowl most desired qualities of the Ankarsrum
  • steel arm holds the roller with a separate scraper that simultaneously rolls and kneads dough and batter.
  • simply turn on its side to use the various accessories
  • Motor, Diecast parts and assemly all built in same factory
  • Previously sold as the highly rated DLX, Magic Mill and Assistent Original.

Click the ANKARSRUM Tab above for product selection and details. Also check the color comparision chart in the BLOG. Plus take a look at the new Kitchen Design Line of Trays imprinted with Ankarsrum part graphics.

For more Information and Technical Specifications on the Stand Mixers and accessories, please check out our ABOUT PAGE

5 Yr. Limited Warranty

   With an ANKARSRUM.....
    creations are only limited to your imagination...


KoMo Grain Mills & Flakers

GRAIN MILLS AND FLAKERS treasured by Europeans for their simplicity in use and design. These products are a fine example of what can be done when people work together. Wolfgang Mock and Peter Koidl who had both been producing Mills in Europe for years put together their forces in the early 1990's to create what we now know as the KoMo Line of Mills and Flakers. Wolfgang Mock and Peter Koidl have designed a beautiful line of Mills and Flakers to suite the needs of every household.

  • Each of these grain mill is handmade and tested before leaving the factory.
  • With production in both Austria and Germany the cooperation has resulted in quality and workmanship that not only is appealing to the eye but provides quiet smooth operation and years of service.
  • Using fresh milled grain preserves the nutrition and taste that is lost in over processing that we typically see with store bought flour.
  • With a click of the button and a quick turn of the bowl you have fresh flour in whatever fineness you desire.
  • A style and size to suit eveyones needs
  • Patented Insert for Wheat and Gluten Free with same mill without cross contamination.

Once you've enjoyed the taste of fresh ground or flaked grains your baking will be changed forever.

Click the KOMO Tab above for product selection and details as well as a look at the well designed Pendelino Tray. For convenience we have included a mill comparison chart at the bottom of the KOMO page

For more information and specifications on the Grain Mills and Flakers please check our ABOUT PAGE.

12 Yr. Limited warranty . To ensure warranty with us please make sure your Retailer has purchased their stock from Jalyns.

Top your fresh cut oats with....
a bit of yogurt and berries for a great start to your day.....



February is Heart Health Month...
For the next few weeks we will be posting healthy recipes. Home baking with Ankarsrum or KoMo products means you are already enjoying a healthy lifestyle and working with some of the
best kitchen items on the market.
As we all love our snacks these cold months my first up is a batch of Little Energy Bites that will fill that longing for a sweet indulgence. Check out our recipes by clicking the Blog Tab above.

Christmas is just around the corner. Check out our mixers or mills when wanting to give nothing but the best. Already have mixer add one of our fine accessories to your wish list.
For more information on any products call or pop us an email. We will help you find what you are looking for.


Purchased the Basic Package and wish you would have purchased the Deluxe Package....now you can. The Deluxe Package Kit is now sold as a separate add on package. For more information on this or anything Ankarsrum or KoMo contact us or your nearest authorized retailer.



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Here are a few of our recent Customer Testimonials

  • My husband and I are both impressed with the way this machine works. The Brioche is for sure better than with my Bosch. I thought my bread was spot on before but it is really much softer now. Really impressed. Lisa, Saskatchewan.
  • I have had a Magic Mill (Ankarsrum) mixer for over 30 yrs and it has been wonderful. Mine came from Sweden and the power was changed to make it work in Canada. But it was time for a new one and I love my new Red Mixer and I am excited to start baking again. Surely this one will out last me as I am almost 80 yrs young! Thank you Lynn for your patience and wonderful guidance in helping me select a package of what I needed. This personal service is almost unheard of now a days. Monica, BC
  • Well what can I say but thank you, thank you thank you! First I received the Ankarsrum within 5 days of the order being placed. I’ve done a lot of baking since receiving her (yes, the Ankarsrum is a she).  Nothing but praise.  From the beautiful design that is as fresh today as it was the day it was designed in 1940 to the purring sound of the motor to the superb mixing, kneading and whipping capabilities.
    Worth every penny I spent. The Ankarsrum needs to be evangelized all across Canada! - John, On
  • I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Classic  komo grain mill. It is awesome. I make tasty whole wheat breads, chocolate cakes, oatmeal and whole wheat pancakes,whole wheat pizza dough,dates squares doing the oat groats on a rough grind.  My oatmeal ,whole wheat cookies were just the best!  The flavour and texture is the best!  Health wise both my husband and l had problems , but now all is well. All this as soon as we went on a diet of  fresh milled bread and other baked goods. Yesterday l gave the Komo a try doing flaked oats for cereal, wow was it tasty. I have used my rough grind for all my oatmeal receipes.  I just love this grinder. It has made me passionate about baking. I am so glad you quickly replied back to me with each of my concerns. I hold you in high regards, and thank you . Darlene, Ontario
  • It has been a few months since receiving my Ankarsrum mixer and the honeymoon phase has NOT worn off in the slightest.  I really, really love this mixer.  It is so powerful as well as having an extremely low speed option which at times is also helpful.  It's smooth and quiet. It's sturdy and obviously well-built.  It's huge in capacity but short enough to fit under my upper cabinets. Contrary to what some people have said, it does handle small amounts well too.You were the only one in North America that I could find who had the color I wanted Thanks for being so prompt in emailing me back and answering all my detailed questions!  It's rare these days to find someone who is so professional yet personable.  Thank you again!  Customer, Portand Oregon
  • "For the first time I made Bagels without holding my breathe, no smoke or scary sounds coming out of this mixer, what a joy to use. Best thing that could of happened was my (former model) dying and finally getting this Assistent, Thank You for your help in choosing the right package"....Customer ON


For more information visit your nearest retailer or contact us at
info@jalyns.ca or call 306 231-7784 for more details.

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