Color Comparision

White, Light Crème and Creme

White, Light Crème  or Crème?  Or maybe its Black Chrome or Black you are deciding between.  Here are a few pictures to help you see the different colors and finishes between them.


We often receive inquires from Customers wandering what the difference is between colors.  So here we have put a few close ups of the colors most often asked about.  If you would like to see similar photos of another color please email us at


The picture to the left shows..
Top to bottom are Crème, Light Crème and white.

The finish on the Black and White are Matte where as the other colors are a smooth polished finish.  Though hard to see in photos there is a bit of a mineralized finish on the matte white. All Ankarsrum mixers are manufactured from Cast Aluminum.

*** Please note if purchasing at Costco online they list the Light Crème as Crème on their website.***



Below are the different finishes you will find on the Ankarsrum Originals.

Ankarsrum white finish close upAnkarsrum Creme and Light Creme Finish

Mineral White Finish                         Light Crème and Crème Finish

   20140114_131053_resized           2014-01-15 10.29.43_resized

Matte Black  Finish                                          Black Chrome Finish


3 Responses to Color Comparision

  1. Melissa Lawrence says:

    Thank you! This was really helpful.

  2. terrie says:

    Thank you for showing the colors with such detail. I have to select mine without being to see them in person. Can you do an update with additional colors? I’ll send an e-mail later as suggested in the text.

    • admin says:

      Hi Terri, glad you appreciate the colors here. We only did the colors that are not true or similar to others, the remaining colors are quite accurate in the website. The reason I did these was that they were quite similar. On the website, if you enlarge the color pictures you should be able to see them better. To enlarge just click on the image for the color you are interested in. Please note the Royal Blue is discontinued unless a retailer still has stock.

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