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The Ankarsrum Originl Stand Mixer has been a favorite in Sweden Kitchens since 1940 and is fast becoming a favorite in North America. Built from motor to diecast to assembly in the same factory in Sweden results in a product that is designed to work together. It's a heavy duty appliance that is capable of handling what you expect and more. A variety of optional attachments turns the mixer into a Meat Grinder, Blender, Grain Mill, Flaker, Pasta Maker or a number of other items you may have previously been purchasing separately. The Ankarsrum Original makes life simpler and food preparation more fun. The open design makes cleanup a breeze. This open top also allows you to easily add ingredients, to see whats happening and great for checking dough consistency. Putting the motor in the bottom greatly reduces vibration over top mounted mixers.

Originally they were designed for home makers in an era when all baking was done out of necessity. As time evolved store bought goods were all the rage but now the benefits of "Fresh is Best" it has taken over convenience. This means a resurgence of home food preparation resulting in consumers wanting a preparation center that will offer them reliability and ease of use for producing healthy wholesome food for their family for years to come. The Ankarsrum continues to provide that in a package that not only withstands the rigors of daily use but looks good too. Though the design has changed slightly over the years, technically it's the same as the Assistent Original from the 50's, 60's or 70's that your mother or grandmother may still be using.

The versatility of the Ankarsrum Original makes it suitable for household use, small businesses and restaurants alike. At less than 12 inches high it fits easily on countertops and yet is capable of mixing up to 5 kg of dough. With the variety of colors available the toughest decision may be which to choose.

Specifications on the Mixers:

  • Output: 600 Watts              
  • Dimensions: H 14 x 10½ x 15¾ in
  • Weight: 8.6 kg
  • 12 minute timer.
  • Continuous speed control Overload protection.
  • Capacity: 5 kg dough
  • 7 yr warranty on new model 6230
  • 5 yr warranty on 6220 model (discount pricing)

KoMo Mills & Flakers have been available in Canada for a number of years but many were imported from USA. All KoMo Mills and Flakers are built with the finest Beechwood and the milling stones are corundum/ceramic resulting in a long lasting surface that is practically indestructible stays cool and produces a fine flour. Wolfgang Mock and Peter Koidl put their knowledge into each design.

The wide selection means there is a mill for everyone's needs. Some are available with the mill and flaker as one unit or you may only be looking for a mill or flaker. Mills and flakers are available in both electric or manual grinding. The choices are available for whatever your needs. As well KoMo offers a line of complimentary accessories such as sifters, grain storage granaries and proofiing baskets.

KoMo recently designed a interchangeable milling system that makes it possible to use the same mill for Gluten Free milling or spices and coffee without concerns of cross contamination. This is a patented system that has won design awards.

You want to choose the model best suited for your needs but whatever you choose you can be sure you will get:

  • Easy to use as simply rotating the hopper adjusts the fineness, click the on switch and fill your bowl
  • cleaning is as easy as brushing with a pastry brush and occassionally unscrew hopper and brush off stones.
  • compact and simple to store or is beautiful enough to leave on counter resulting in simple milling for a teaspoon or a bowlful of fresh flour or flakes
  • Quieter and cooler running than many mills
  • Patented suspension to protect stones and motor

The Mills and Flakers are all producted with sustainable resource utilization. The manufacturer has worked hand in hand many years with sheltered workshop programs located in Austria providing employment and financial independance to many with and without disabilities. These employees take pride in their work wich allows Wolfgang and Peter to focus on development.

Specification for all mills can be found on a comparision chart below the descriptions on the KoMo page of this site as well as in the company brochure found by clicking on the Manuals tab above.


Jalyns Market...

"The quality of our products is not measured in years but generations"

In the Fall of 2010 Jalyns Market owner Lynn Junk started the business to Distribute the "Assistent Original" mixer. She strongly believes it is the best Kitchen Stand Mixer, all in one Food Preparation Center on the market and was anxious to share this passion for the Ankarsrum with other Canadians. At that time she realized the Swedish built Ankarsrum Original or Assistent Original as it was called then, was difficult to purchase in Canada and even harder to get information or service for. With that in mind, she pursued the goal of bringing Assistent Original Mixers to Canadians in the manner they deserved. Those goals were: availability nationwide, easy accessibility to information and personal service for Canadian Retailers and consumers alike. After nearly 3 years, Jalyns Market has achieved these goals with mixers in Retail stores from BC to Quebec, with hopes to have them available to consumers throughout the maritimes soon as well. With the popularity of on-line shopping we have shipped mixers from Nunavut to PEI to remote islands off the coast of Vancouver Island and everywhere in between.

In May of 2013 Jalyns Market also became a Canadian Distributor for the KoMo Grain Mills and Flakers from Germany. The KoMo line of products are built with the same standards of "handbuilt and tested" as the Ankarsrum Originals. This committment to quality ensures we can continue to operate Jalyns with the same guarantee of customer satisfaction that was a goal from day one.

Customer service and satisfaction guaranteed, is instrumental to our success. We want the service you receive from us to be a positive experience and of the same quality and standards as the products we bring you. Product repair calls are infrequent but we love hearing from all of you, if it's information you are needing or to share your stories and comments we will always take time to listen or reply to mail.

In closing I would like to say, "with the evolution of Fresh is Best over the past number of years many families are looking for healthy alternatives to store bought breads, baked goods and food preparation in general. I am confident the use of Ankarsrum and KoMo products will be beneficial to the betterment and health of you and your family. The purchase of an Ankarsrum or KoMo may seem a large investment initially but soon you will realize the savings on your grocery and medical bills. Someday your children and even your grandchildren may reap the benefits of this purchase as these mixers and mills are built to last and are often handed down from one generation to the next. I like to say, the quality of our products is not measured in years but generations" .....Lynn Junk, Owner Jalyns Market



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